Sunday, June 11

World Cup Mulletwatch preview - Groups E-H
Group E
Mullet watch rating: High
There could be mullet fireworks in this group which features both the Czech Republic and Italy. The Czechs can always be relied upon for a quality mullet or two and this year should be no exception. According to Wikipedia "Tsekkitukka means Czech hockey hair, based on the Czech hockey players hairstyle. Mullets are a well known and still popular "hockeyhair" in Czech Republic." Pay attention in particular to Arsenal's new signing Tomas Rosicky who has been known to favour the centre-parted mullet.

Who could forget Roberto Baggio's classic 'Rat's Tail' mullet of 1994. This year Italian mullets are a distinct possibility. The USA side could also feature a few quality mullets, but again the African continent seems not to have discovered the mullet so the Ghana team should be mullet-free.

Group F
Mullet watch rating: High
The Croatians could provide some of the best mulleting opportunities in this group, particularly the home based players who have yet to move abroad and discover a good quality barber. The Japanese mullet is a sight to behold. Incredibly the mullet haircut is very trendy and fashionable in some Japanese cities, so I expect at least one or two of the side, probably creative midfielders to have a mullet.

The mullet is ingrained in Australian sporting culture (look no further than fast bowler Jason Gillespie) and the Socceroos should be relied on to continue this tradition. Sadly the Brazilians won't be winning any mullet related titles.

Group G
Mullet watch rating: Low
This group could well be largely mullet free. I expect the South Koreans to have the biggest chance of mullet potential. The Swiss and French could surprise, but Togo are a lost cause. If you want mullets then I suggest you probably look elsewhere.

Group H

Mullet watch rating: Moderate
Oh Fernando! In 2004 Spanish striker sported a fantastic peroxide mullet for the early games of the European Championship. Then shockingly he shaved it off before the final group game against Portugal. Spain lost 1-0 and were knocked out, with Torres missing a headed chance which he surely would have converted if I he still had his mullet to control the ball and also give him balance in the air. I fear that he hasn't learnt his lesson and is again mullet free. Expect him to miss a succession of easy headed chances.

The big mullet hitters in this group are Ukraine. They are bit of an unknown quantity, bit with several of the squad playing for in domestic football, I expect big things. Sadly Tunisia and the Saudis will both draw a mullet blank.

More mullet analysis to follow. My favourite so far has been Wilhelmsson from Sweden who favours the what can only be described as a 'half finished haircut mullet'. Check it out against Paraguay...

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