Saturday, March 12

The Ga-Ga's at Rock City
Just who exactly are The Ga-Ga’s?

Rock ‘n’ roll animals who live fast, on a diet of booze, fags, pharmaceuticals and the occasional Ginsters pasty?

Or sensitive rock balladeers who sing about love and aren’t afraid to cry and show their emotions in public?

I’m sure support band Zen Motel would like to think of themselves as rock ‘n’ roll, but their neat centre partings don’t help their cause. Their set features a collection of almost identical, instantly forgettable rock-by-numbers songs. “We’ve got a massive fridge of beer, but I’m driving!” says their singer to ironic cheers. Rock ‘n’ roll credentials truly blown.

Ga-Ga’s frontman Tommy is celebrating his birthday and is serenaded with a version of happy birthday by the crowd. “You’re supposed to be gnarly rockers, you’re not supposed to sing happy birthday” he mocks, but secretly you know he’s pleased.

That’s because The Ga-Ga’s deliver the sort of good time rock that made former tour partners The Wildhearts so popular. Helping the crowd enjoy themselves is obviously high on their list of priorities and there are plenty of on stage antics, like Japanese bassist Toshi riffing his way along the Rock City bar.

Meaty sing-a-long tracks like ‘Left Of Centre’, ‘Ko’ and ’Replica’ from their recently released album ‘Tonight The Midway Shines’ all go down well.

Tommy is clearly a bit of a hit with the ladies. Kohl eyed and top hatted, he pouts and preens around the stage to the obvious delight of many of the younger females in attendance.

As the final chords of last song ‘Swallow Me’ ring out, the crowd show their appreciation for a fun, if undemanding performance.

The Ga-Ga's are rockers with a sensitive side. They probably won’t be writing any concept albums or rock operas in the near future, but sometimes it’s the simple things that are the best.