Sunday, June 20

'The mullet of a nation'
Oh Fernando! What have you done! I'm talking of course of Spanish striker Fernando Torres' decision to shave of his marvelous mullet before Spain's defeat against Portugal. A match that we marked by poor heading from Torres because he obviously had less friction when his head was making contact with the ball, therefore he couldn't control it as much.

Just before halftime a corner was whipped into the box and Torres heads over the bar, unable to keep it down.....a miss that cost Spain a place in the quarter finals, thus proving how important mullets actually are. The mullet would obviously of cushioned the header, keeping it down and into the back of net.

Therefore proving that Torres decision to shave his mullet has meant the disappointment of a nation of more than 40 million people...how will that hairdresser live with himself, as Fernando Torres mullet, 'the mullet of a nation' lies on the floor of a Lisbon barbershop, as does Spain's Euro 2004 challenge - metaphoricaly of course...