Saturday, May 14

Gone for a Burton
Back from Prague - fill you in on the details later. Just to let you know Paul and Dave are doing an internet radio show tonight from 9-10pm. At this present time i'm not exactly certain how you listen to it, but i'm sure you can find out over at uknova.

Also if I may shamelessly plug myself for a second - I was recently featured in the Big Issue magazine a couple of weeks ago, in an article about blogs that also namechecks Troubled Diva, Call Centre Confidential (RIP) and Watso (Blog still down, but surely now safe to put back up now the election has finished eh Tom?) amongst others.

The article states:

Danger. High Voltage! - http://www.philhux.blogspot.com - A good political blog from Burton-on-Trent
Danger. High Voltage!...A good political blog...From Burton-on-Trent?!?

Surely some mistake there sir... Perhaps they were misled?

I don't think I've ever actually been to Burton, besides passing through it many times on the train, when the stale smell of hops is unmistakable. Although Fincho's Dad taught her drive there, possibly due to the amount of pubs in the area, although I couldn't possibly comment....