Tuesday, April 5

Parking chaos...in Mansfield!
In a repeat of the Preston Parking Problem of last year, Mansfield has absolutely no Traffic Wardens! Quick let's go there now and park on some double yellow lines.....

Reports that Preston's former Number One (and only) Traffic Warden, John - Number 702, will come out of retirement have so far been unconfirmed. Will he be tempted by an avalanche of easy parking ticket pickings on the mean streets of Mansfield?

Mansfield drivers have no doubt become complacent, but John702 can smell an illegally parked car from several miles away, so watch out! You have been warned.

Am I cursed to be followed around the country by a poor response by local councils to illegal parking? Or do all Traffic Wardens simply leave when I arrive in their patch?

One resident was reported as saying: "It's quite obvious there's no traffic wardens because there's lots of illegal parking. Some of it's quite dangerous. It's about time it was sorted out."

There is only one man big enough for the job of controlling the errant motorists of Mansfield. He's firm but he's fair. He is John702.