Sunday, January 30

Birmingham Bloggers Meetup
Met up with fellow Birmingham Bloggers last night in the first 100% unofficial Birmingham Bloggers meetup. Ben, Andy, myself and honorary Birmingham Bloggers Kenny (Telford) and Donna (Coseley nr. Wolverhampton). Paul sadly couldn't make it as he was off being showbiz in London village.

We met up in the newly refurbished non-smoking Shakespeare off New Street, which is now very nice indeed. We then adjourned to The Anchor in Digbeth, where we were serenaded by a camp, drunken bloke singing Fly Me To The Moon. Next it was a stagger up Digbeth High Street to the Royal George. Finally we visited the Sunflower Lounge to take advantage of the late bar. Interestingly at the Sunflower Lounge, the downstairs room, previously a venue for A Different Kettle Of Fish seemed to be almost entirely full of bald men. Possibly a Right Said Fred or Kojak* convention, who can say?

*Also check out KOJAK - Kit for Objective Judgement and Knowledge-based Detection of Performance Bottlenecks...fascinating stuff...

I almost forgot to mention the fantastic magazine we found on Saturday. Called Craic, it is a monthly magazine for the Irish community in Birmingham. Ben has posted a large selection of Classic Craic over on SWSL and you just need to take one look at the headlines to know this is a magazine you need to be reading...

Pensioner (74) 'tore skin off' his estranged brother

Motorist attacks traffic warden with lump hammer after getting a ticket

At 55, gull found in Ireland is oldest wild bird in world

Discovery of cow remains sparks fear of ritual killings

Dancing cleric plans palace vigil over 'unfair treatment'

To get yourself a copy of this free magazine, get yourself down to the pubs of Digbeth NOW!