Sunday, April 23

The time is nigh
Forget the new PJ Harvey DVD - Bergerac Series One is poised to be released on DVD on the 8th of May

Don't get too excited just yet though. It seems that the BBC has already put the release back three times, presumably just to piss Will Smith the comedian off.

However - BBC Worldwide now say one DVD will be released every few months, with the whole lot released within two years. I'm putting my order in now for the 10 DVD deluxe box set.

Sadly it seems like there are no extras and tragically, no commentary from John Nettles, Terrence Alexander, or Beppe Di Marco's mum from Eastenders.

Update: Amazing - There is rumoured to be full commentary on each episode by John Nettles himself!

Listen to Will Smith talking about this amazing turn of events

In this interview he reveals that the BBC Executive he hounded as part of his last stand up show was actually one of his mates... He also confesses to never have ever seen the first episode - And he calls himself a Bergerac superfan - pah!