Wednesday, January 11

Bus Route Of The Year 2005
It's finally here - This year there were four bus services in contention, representing three different cities!

1. 951 - Birmingham - Great Barr & Walsall
Still at number one - It was always going to be difficult to knock this route off the top spot. Featuring some of the oldest buses and most kamikaze bus driving this side of that scene with the cliff in The Italian Job (original version). I always seem to get the bus when it is the last trip before the driver clocks off, so they hold their foot on the accelerator just a little big longer, especially going over the humpback bridges on the way to Aston and in Perry Barr - Perfect for that stomach churning Rollercoaster effect.

2. 16 - Birmingham - Hamstead (AKA The Polish Route)
Practice your conversational Polish whilst travelling through some of the dodgiest parts of North Birmingham. The ideal bus route to experience some of those classic Polish bus driver moments. Ask them any other question except "How much is it?" and be prepared to be met by confusion, bewilderment, hostility, more confusion, or a beautiful smile and a shrug which conveys the message - 'I have no bloody idea what you are talking about, I'm from Gdansk.'

3. 69/70/71 - Nottingham City Centre - Forest Fields
For the sheer variety of strange characters and nutters on the bus. Get some chips from Nicole and Ewan at the Moulin Rouge chip shop next to the stop, to eat during the journey.

4. 17/27 - Coventry train station - Coventry City Centre
The bendybus! Especially fantastic if you stand on the part where the bus bends when going round corners. Guaranteed to make you dizzy. Look out of the window to see some of the ugliest buildings in the entire world.