Thursday, November 17

Starting 'em young
As I sat on the delayed 8:19 train from Walsall to Birmingham this morning, ruminating on the concept of 'continuation betting' whilst flicking through my copy of Harrington On Hold 'Em, I glanced across the carriage and noticed...

A teenage girl reading Doyle Brunson's seminal poker strategy book Super System Two. And what a beautiful site to behold it was.

And whilst we are on the subject of poker, will someone please stop this sick filth now. This man needs to be stopped....NOW!

And also - how can What's New Pussycat? be classed as a poker anthem? Apart from the fact that I'd like repeatedly throw poker chips (the heavy clay ones) at Tom Jones's big fat orange head.

Please nobody buy me this book or CD for Christmas - I beg you...