Tuesday, November 22

ADKOF - We're not dead yet...
The festering corpse of A Different Kettle Of Fish presents:


Tuesday December 6th
Flapper & Firkin, Birmingham, doors 7:45pm, £3


TRASH FASHION - http://www.trash-fashion.com/
Guntronic disco rave rock!

Two superbrothers, Jet and Mason Storm, and new drumming liability El Diablo are on a mission to dish out hearty helpings of Fashion Fused Mayhem, that the mortal might dine upon forthwith and go hungry no more! Hot-footing down to London from Birmingham one year ago with a fabulous array of neon guitars and synths, Trash Fashion's rich, smooth, tobaccoey blend of Rock, Punk, Metal, Electro, Rave and Disco has been feeding London's Freaks and Vipers ever since! Now they're back for a rare gig on hometurf.

They've rocked hard with the likes of Ladytron, Selfish C**t, Bentley Rhythm Ace and Client as well as headlining many nights of their own in Brumski and London.

With their wondrous array of rippling torsos, spandex and wireless instruments, it would be a crime of fashion to miss Trash Fashion! And try not to have dinner, because you'll be EATING THEIR SKILL!!

"Super spandex neon disorder" No Front Teeth Zine

"Serious fucking Champs type heavy metal guitar action, and some killer Soft Cell basslines. Trash Fashion are poised to take over the world" $Brainlove


(HOOKER) - http://www.hookerstuff.com/
Blistering post riot girl from Manchester

Taking their name from the song ‘Beauty School Dropout‘, from the classic flick “Grease, the female-fronted Mancunian trio play short, sharp bursts of primal punk rock.

(Hooker) have toured with Katastrophe Wife, supported Le Tigre, The Donnas, Interpol, Brassy and The Gossip and played gigs under the Ladyfest banner in Madrid and Berlin.

"Manchester's special little secret"
The Face

Armed with a voice even more banshee-like than Corin Sleater-Kinney, singer/guitarist Zoe McVeigh belts out songs that grind and ache with the sharpest of edges…"
Drowned In Sound

"This is one band that has to be seen to believed – do it!”
Fake DIY


THE PUBIC FRINGE - http://www.thepubicfringe.co.uk
Situationist Black Country punk rock with a nod to The Birthday Party and The Cramps

Da' Fringe comprise: Larry Clitter, Dusty Enclaves, Nazi Sinatra, Anal Ravine and 'Tiny' Gene Pool.

Mark E. Smith is a huge fan of the band and they've supported The Fall on two UK tours, as well as playing with The Damned and John Cooper Clark

Their mission statement reads:

It's nearly fifty years, Bubba. Half a century of Rock n Roll has brought us to where we are now. Fifty years of invention/reinvention/remake/remodel/ bastardise /plagiarise/quick bucks and failed vision. What’s left? Where to go? Is anyone really convinced that the ‘new thing’ is truly the ‘new thing’, or just the previous generation’s ‘nearly new thing’ repackaged for today’s young bloods?

Elvis was NEW. The Velvet Underground were NEW. Kraftwerk were NEW. Has there really been any need for anything else? All music should be a reaction; to the political climate, personal climate and musical climate. All music should strive to be original, innovative and new.

But it’s nearly fifty years, Bubba…. What can possibly be done that hasn’t been done before? The Pubic Fringe understand this dilemma. It is the reason they formed. This paradox is the essence of P-Fringe Collectivism. Seize your moment and stamp your own vision on the prevailing culture, thus giving people what they think they want…. But on YOUR TERMS. That’s why the Pubic Fringe chose to be a covers band. Karaoke culture’s the norm. An all-encompassing parasite that drains the creative life-blood out of live music, shits megabucks and shows no sign of abating. But, ‘Hey!’ It’s what the people want – they demand it, so the promoters supply it… or is it the other way round?

Either way, people enjoy covers bands cos they know what they’re gonna get. It’s an opportunity to get close and sweaty, and sing along to bands who, in their ‘proper’ incarnation, have managed to undo all Punks hard slog by retreating to the untouchable, anodyne pomp and swagger of the 70s stadium rock cash-cow. The Pubic Fringe, however, are not interested in taking the easy option and slavishly recreating a shared consensus of some one else’s life, work and effort. The Pubic Fringe are NOT a tribute band. The Pubic Fringe prefer the creative interpretation of songs that ignite fires in their collective bellies. The Pubic Fringe revel in introducing their audience to obscure and lesser-known treasures, hitherto denied the luxury of mass acceptance.

This band is not interested in a quick-win regurgitation of totems enshrined in the national psyche.


The Pubic Fringe are not prostitutes.

They may grease glans’ and bleach gussets with Rod Stewart and Dr. Hook, but for the majority, the songs of Steve Alaimo and Kip Tyler are as familiar and enticing as being cupped by an old man’s hand. No shit, Bubba. There’s nothing commercial about THIS sex industry. This is a simple case of consenting adults engaging in private acts in public places. Everyone is a voyeur.

"They are without doubt one of the strangest bands in Stourbridge"
Stourbridge News