Friday, September 16

If you weren't there, then why the hell not?!?

Four fantastic bands and a large, appreciative crowd - A couple of the bands commented that it was a fantastic turnout for a Tuesday night. Not to mention the free biscuits!

Read the reviews

Silent Words Speak Loudest - StrangeTime - "Bone-rattling post-feminist punk"
Beats Capri - "Propelled by a thunderous rhythm section, the songs are consistently arresting"
Midas - "Their high-octane amped-up riffola warms my cockles"

Parallax View - "...a hot and sweaty F&F and a crowd heaving with lacquer and cleavage in anticipation of the Huxster's cunningly devised bill whereby he gets to do business with all the foxy black-haired vixens on the Midlands indie scene."

Cheese In Space - "With the familiar joys of kettle badges for sale, free bourbon biscuits and lollipops, as well as a choice of sea-creature based hand stamps, this first ADKOF live and electric has gone down as a crowd pleaser."

Photos to come shortly!