Thursday, July 21

Extreme juggling injuries
I've injured myself whilst juggling. Whilst reaching for a low ball during what isn't known in the trade as a 'double juggle', I tweaked my left hamstring - Causing me to now walk with an amusing limp.

I was juggling in Moseley Park on Sunday where I went for The Prykemeister's birthday picnic. Moseley Park is a private park and is very strange indeed as you need a key to get in.

The spread of food was fantastic, with a range of cheese, meat, vegetables and hummus, but unfortunately me and Fincho disgraced ourselves by bringing only some cheese sandwiches, out of date crisps, one small Mr Kipling apple pie and a couple of cartons of Capri Sun.

The injury should put me out of juggling action for a couple of weeks, as well as unfortunately rendering me unable to tidy my bedroom. I'm undergoing extensive rehabilitation so I can resume my juggling as soon as possible

And so the moral of the story is - When Juggling, always have a proper warm up... And always check the sell by date on crisps when getting them from my cupboard.