Friday, July 22

A Different Kettle Of Fish - The Autumn/Winter Collection

Tuesday 13th September - Flapper & Firkin, Birmingham, 3 quid entry
Midas - Black Country quartet with a penchant for soaring epic choruses
Beats Capri - Angular and stylish Derby 2 boy / 2 girl combo
StrangeTime - More PVC and bad language than you can shake a stick at
Sinistra - Dark, brooding female fronted three-piece with a drum machine (possibly called Dave)

Tuesday 11th October - Flapper & Firkin, Birmingham, 3 quid entry
Hooker - Mancunian post riot-girl trio featuring the amazing voice of singer/guitarist Zoe McVeigh
When Bears Attack - Have been archly raising an eyebrow at the Birmingham indie scene for several years
The Graham Parsnip Liquidiser Torture Think-tank (Project) - They're big in the agricultural scene and serious about scrabble

Tuesday 8th November - Flapper & Firkin, Birmingham, 3 quid entry
The Rock Of Travolta The Oxford legends return with a new stripped down lineup for their first EVER gig in Birmingham
Smilex - Fellow Oxfordians known for their incendiary live performances and frontman Lee's rampant onstage sexual libido
The Program - Mysterious Brum indie rockers with an uncanny knack of creating a memorable chorus that will be stuck in your head for days

Tuesday 6th December - Xmas Special - Flapper & Firkin, Birmingham, 3 quid entry
Trash Fashion - Brum's finest electro urchins, now poised to conquer London
And What Will Be Left of Them? - The sound of Bis operating heavy industrial machinery in a Worcester Sauce factory
The Pubic Fringe - Kingswinford punk situationists with a connection to the elusive Captain Lazonby-Threpwell
MotorCycleStunts - Prolific Black Country Foursome
Plus a special Mystery Guest

At a packed press conference today in Great Barr, Phillipe Bergeroo revealed the autumn lineup for A Different Kettle Of Fish at its brand new city centre venue - The Flapper and Firkin.

Responding to a question from the NME, Bergeroo said:

"We wanted to get some of the most interesting and exciting bands from Birmingham to play, plus a selection of fantastic bands from around the country."

One special guest for the December Christmas show has been confirmed as the legendary Bom and His Magic Drumstick, though the other is yet to be announced and Bergeroo refused to be drawn on the identity of the mystery guest:

"I refuse to be drawn on the identity of the mystery guest" he said.

There hasn't been such an important musical event in Great Barr since Boy George was mugged at the Scott Arms on the way to visit his nan in the late 1970s. Local residents were struggling to come to terms with the media spotlight that comes with being the birthplace of a moderately successful mid-week indie night...

Update: Electro urchins Trash Fashion & Worcester's finest purveyors of dark pop And What Will Be Left of Them? have both been added to the bill for the December show. But rest assured that it doesn’t mean the end of Bom & His Magic Drumstick - he'll be appearing at one of our other nights…