Sunday, June 12

Glasto Fever
So who is going to Glastonbury then? I'm getting mildly excited, especially with all this time on my hands due to this being unemployed malarkey - daytime television just isn't cutting it for me.

Of course, I know everyone is desperate to see living legends Chas and Dave, but who is up for doing the Ten Stage Challenge?

During the course of a day you have to watch an act on each of the 10 biggest stages (Pyramid, Other, John Peel, Avalon, Dance, Jazzworld, Acoustic, Glade, Leftfield, Cabaret)

I managed to do it over the course of the whole festival last year, but not in one day. Is it possible?

Looking at the lineup there are certainly enough quality bands spread across the stages - it's just a case of working out the logistics and making sure I don't miss Bodger and Badger in the kids tent.

While you're there - Why not advertise on a someone's breasts?

Has anyone got any good flags? - I need something so we can picked out in the crowd on TV. At the moment I have a giant cardboard Dulux dog stolen from a decorating shop in Barnsley (don't ask) - but will this be enough to get me on TV?