Monday, May 2

Poker Night
This weekend saw the inaugural Danger! High Postage Texas Hold Em Poker Tournament at my house. Eleven players attended, though sadly Fincho was off watching a concert by a Norwegian troll.

First thing was first and each player was assigned a cool poker nickname. As Crazy Chips, I think Graham had the best one.

There was some controversy when I decided to use my crazy golf nickname Windmills of Fire, with some people arguing that I couldn't use the same nickname for two minority sports... They're just jealous...

The tournament format meant that after a 'seeded draw' (Champions League take note!), there were two tables - with the top three players on each qualifying for the final table. The rest of the players then played on what can only be described as The Losers Table...

The chips which I bought from a cash and carry in Doncaster were divided out and play began.

Qualifying for the final table was myself, Allinsorge, Dave, James, Andy and Naparm Death.

With tournament Dark Horse Dave knocked out early, it went to form as myself, Allingorge and James contested the final stages, with myself storming to victory courtesy of a well hidden Ace Jack.

I was accused of continually bluffing and putting in big bets to make people fold - but what people fail to consider is maybe I get great hands all the time and never bluff!

I will be defending my title in the near future for anyone who wants to take me on...