Tuesday, April 5

Where's me jumper?
Today I met the living legend that is Daniel O'Donnell! Calm yourself, calm yourself - yes I was trembling with excitement too.

Perhaps the aging Irish crooner was having a bad day, but he seemed in a bad mood and a bit sulky, but perhaps that's his natural demeanor, I dunno.

In fact, his monotone Irish voice and slow, deliberate delivery, reminded me a little of a character from Father Ted, but i'm not quite sure which one. Was there an episode with a boring priest that they couldn't get rid of? Something to do with a cupboard? And perhaps a terrorist? Or have I made that up?

And to top it all, he wasn't even wearing a jumper! O'Donnell without a jumper is like toast without jam or Bez without a pair of maracas. Unthinkable! What was he playing at?!?