Sunday, April 17

Mansfield, so much to answer for
Imagine my delight when today I saw an advert on the bus in front of mine, which promised the delights of Alf from Home and Away and Jet from Gladiators live on stage together in Mansfield.

To good to be true I thought, and yes indeed it was as they were actually in panto together last year...what a disappointment. I was thinking of using the customer is always right tactic and going to Mansfield to demand to see Alf and Jet, staging a sit down protest if the town refuses to bow to my demands.

incidentally, the number 69 in Nottingham is already shaping up to be a classic bus route. It has loads of nutters, but they are all harmless - the perfect combination.

Today a black guy got on who could speak perfect english. Until that is, the driver asked him to pay, when he slipped into this unintelligible patois and just went and sat down without paying. The driver tried to force him to pay and there was a tense stand off, before he agreed to pay 30p. After another five minutes, another passenger paid the rest of his fare, whereupon the patois guy suddenly began speaking English again, the swine.....

Alf and Jet may not be there, but what I want to know is, how much do you really know about Mansfield?

Why not find out with the Danger! High Postage Mansfield Trivia Quiz

OK here's the rules, no cheating and looking the answers up on the web. You get one go and you write your answers in the comment box.

1. Who is the most famous (and possibly only) popstar from Mansfield?
2. Which former 007 reputedly once owned a house in nearby Ravenshead?
3. Which 70s pop band is the main shopping centre named after?
4. Which page three girl/model is rumoured to have once worked in the aforementioned shopping centre?
5. What was Mansfield famous for NOT having until the mid 90s, the biggest place in the UK not to do so.