Wednesday, March 30

The verse of the Bambino
Surely 16 and 17 year olds should be swigging cheap cider on their local bowling green... Instead this bunch of precocious rock tearaways are rocking the Old Angel in Nottingham to its foundations this very evening. Read my interview with Bambino and find out about their mysterious producer, the legendary 'Andy from Doncaster'!

Note 1: I spent ages debating whether to cut the word pubes out of the final interview transcrpit. I'm afraid in the end though, I decided that the pubes had to go. But I put it to you, is pubes an offensive word?

Note 2: I had lunch in the Old Angel last week and on the table on one side of me was a transvestite eating a lasagne. On the other side of me, a man fed his pet dog veggie sausages. What a pub!