Wednesday, March 9

Rescue Me
I'm going to the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham again tonight, this time to see The Raveonettes. I seem to have been there that much in the past week and a half that I should take up full time residence.

Interestingly I have noted that the door staff use the same handstamper for every gig. So conceivably you could go to a gig and then not wash, then go to a gig the following night.

For a lifetime of free gigs there, a false limb could be used. Once the stamp is on, you could perhaps varnish it or paint it on, or perhaps use permanent marker.

You could also liven up any boring gigs (not mentioning any names) by waving it about in the audience, creating a handy talking point for the band onstage. Or if things get too much, it could be used as a missile to throw at the band.......