Tuesday, March 15

Phill's Important Movie Pass Experiment
I went and did it, I bought a UGC Cinema pass for ten quid a month, with their secret sneaky clause that you have to have it for a minimum of twelve months.

Exactly how many films can I see in twelve months? 100, 200, 300 - more than one a day? Time for some bets to be made I think...

I will endevour to write a very short review of every film I see and give a percentage mark for ranking purposes (like they do in those there magazines). This will henceforth be known as Phill's One Paragraph Film Reviews - catchy eh?!? Top film after twelve months wins the coveted prize of a Postie!

1.Ocean's Twelve
O12 was scientifically chosen because it was the first film on when I got to the cinema after finishing work. As you might expect, the Soderburgh sequel is a shiny, glossy, post-modern cameofest. Entertaining and yet eminently predictable, it's an enjoyable romp and a diverting couple of house but nothing more. Clooney, Pitt and Z-Jones pout themselves around a variety of European locations, Julia Roberts plays herself (badly) but Don Cheadle's Dick Van Dyke Cock-er-nee accent again steals the show.....
PIMPE Rating:- 70%