Thursday, March 17

Kilroy in typeface shocker
I received a press release from Veritas today, outlining their new policies policy. What shocked me was not what the shallow, offensive bigotry it contained, but the fact that the attached word document was written in the most evil font of all - Times New Roman.

Though actually, thinking about it, it seems quite appropriate. Veritas sponsored by Times New Roman - stopping immigration through the medium of Microsoft Word's default font.

I bet he sends jokey racist emails to his mates written in that other detestable font, Comic Sans MS. A font that makes me shudder by just thinking about it. There is even a road sign written in Comic Sans MS near my house in Birmingham. A bloody road sign! You can imagine someone from the council saying "Hey, why don't we make this one a bit jaunty Kevin...let's do it in Comic Sans....my god, we're such rebels..."

I've got a proposal for Veritas - How about making Times New Roman and Comic Sans MS illegal? Now that's something worth voting for...