Saturday, March 5

Fisht of fun
How many puns can I manage using the words fish and kettle?

A Different Kettle of Fish 5 (or V if you are Roman) took place on Wednesday and featured a sparkling performance from Ruth Theodore. Attendance was slightly lower that hoped due to a combination of dissertations, inclement weather and the unfavourable alignment of the solar system. Those that weren't there missed out on obvious musical history akin to the Pistols at the 100 Club or Jimmy Nail at the Birmingham NEC.

Sadly the two timing French barman failed to show, but he missed a couple of stunning sets from Ruth, sandwiching a fleeting but fulfilling Bergeroo performance. You can read recollections of the night from Ben and Andy.

Phillipe Bergeroo setlist
Carina Round - Let It Fall
Grandaddy - AM180
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - The Ballad of Robert Moore And Betty Coltrane
Bright Eyes - Calendar Hung Itself
Teenage Fanclub - Sparky's Dream
Fiery Furnaces - Crystal Clear
Pavement - Range Life
dEUS - Little Arithmetics
Dodgy - Staying Out for the Summer
Johnny Dowd - Judgement Day

Big Dave Watch
A relitively restrained performance from the great man. He arrives late due to university 'hustings', but soon announces his arrival by trying (and failing) to start an impromptu chant of "The-o-dore, The-o-dore". Sadly wearing neither of his Charles Kennedy and Anthony Worrall-Thompson badges.