Monday, March 21

Dinner at the Moulin Rouge
Tonight I treated myself to a slap up meal at the finest restaurant in Nottingham, the Moulin Rouge in Trinity Square. Behind the counter as always was the lady with the bright red mullet, I like to call her Nicole. Also working tonight was her partner in crime Ewan, who is in charge of the kebab department.

When I went in, Ewan was polishing his kebab carving chisel with the efficiency and precision of someone with a deep love of kebabs. Meanwhile Nicole toyed with the ragged strands of her mullet in the reflection of the deep fat fryer.

I opted for the budget menu and took my seat in one of the delightful brightly coloured plastic chairs. I passed on a starter, knowing that their deliciously filling main courses would be more than enough for me. In the end after considering the merits of a pukka pie, I opted for a battered sausage & chips covered with mushy peas. Their forward thinking policy of self salt and vinegar application is one to be applauded.

In the back (the deluxe section) a couple were enjoying an intimate meal of fish and chips on a plate. I hope Fincho isn't reading this, I can surprise her and take her there for a romantic meal at the weekend.

The bill came to an agreeable £2.70 including a drink (can of cherry 7-up). With excellent service and first class food, I shall certainly be returning.