Monday, March 7

Dean's culinary guide to Hamburg
Our scouse travel correspondent takes time out from his hectic international schedule to provide us with this handy guide to food in the city where he lived for three months last year.

~If you fancy a good kebab in Hamburg go to Barmbek, the best kebab shop in the state is just by the station. Plus you can see the lovely wood there where I went for a beer festival.

~You should see Blankense too, it was the only town that wasn't bombed in the war so its very picturesque, nice beach and seafood restaurants.

~There is a good ice cream parlour in Sulldorf.

~And a nice Italian place in Quickborn.

~Avoid Kebabs from Altona, they microwave them. Although it has Hamburg's best curry place, Sheer Kahn, which is still shit.

~Don't go to Fabrik in Altona, it's a nightclub where we where told the youngsters go. We went and it was a no smoking disco night and quite horrific. I was singing in a club style a la Reeves & Mortimer and a German woman asked Gareth if I was drunk.....(trails off into lengthy incomprehensible anecdote)