Monday, March 14

The Big Debate: Scallops Vs Potato Fritters
It's the argument that isn't sweeping the nation. It's the chip shop showdown. Where do you stand on this most important of questions?

I've been in Nottingham for just over two weeks now and the standard of chip shops here appears to be high, sullied only by the fact that they insist on referring to Scallops as Potato Fritters.

Where I come from (North Birmingham), there is no debate to be had - it's Scallops all the way. I expected Nottinghamians to show some solidarity with their fellow Midlanders but sadly this is not the case....

So where lies the divide? Is it regional? Is it a class thing? Or is it down to the discretion of each individual chip shop owner (These people form the backbone of our great nation after all).

Your thoughts please...