Saturday, March 19

Albert the pigeon's indie rock news
My squadron of indie rock carrier pigeons has been flying about getting all the latest news. Albert, (who is my favourite pigeon and gets extra jam sandwiches) tells me that former Ikara Colt bass goddess Tracy Bellaries has formed a new band called Mystery Meat with none other than Ciaran AKA Simple Kid. They're gigging around London at the moment and in the process of recording some demos and stuff.

He also informs me that singer Paul and guitarist Clare may still be working together along with former bassist Jon. The whereabouts of drummer Dom is as yet unknown, but my pigeons are on the case!

Albert the pigeon is also fitted with a handy recording device. He managed to sneak through the open window of their rehearsal studio to record this sneak preview of one of their tracks. Don't worry...he didn't poo on any of their equipment....he's housetrained.

Mystery Meat - Kiss All My Lurid Elements (Demo)