Monday, February 14

Yog off
Whilst in town yesterday I succumbed to the darkside. Yes that's right I participated in Market Research. Whilst waiting for my sister I was approached by a woman with a clipboard and as soon as I had agreed I was whisked away to a top secret room in the back of the Odeon Cinema.

The room was furnished with computers and headsets. Yes that's right, market research has stepped into the 21st century

When I got started I discovered that the survey was about something very close to my heart and something I have strong opinions on...Yogurts! I do after all hold the Guiness World Record for speed yogurt eating (2.125 seconds with a regular spoon and pot if you want to try and beat it).

Those of you that no me may now about 'Huxley's First Yogurt Soft Drink theorem' which states:

No fruit flavour will make both a delicious soft drink and yogurt (apart from blackcurrant)

Let's look at the theorem in action:

Orange juice, mmmmmmmm
Orange yogurt, ugh

Strawberry yogurt, mmmmmm
Strawberry juice, erm no….

Anyway, you all get the idea.

First of all in the survey came yogurt identification, easy peasy. Then yogurt preferences - I wrote a lot about this. And then finally yogurt advertising.

Now I don't actually remember ever having seen any billboard advertisements for yogurt (perhaps I'm immune to advertising). But none of the yogurt adverts actually featured a yogurt anywhere in them. What's wrong with yogurts, aren't they sexy enough for yuppie advertising types? Needless to say all of the adverts were rubbish, especially the ones for a certain cornered yogurt....

After taking great pleasure slagging off the yogurt advertising industry, I prepared to collect my gift for participating. Would it be some new brand or flavour of yogurt as yet untried by the general public I wondered..... But I didn't have a spoon, how would I eat it.

And what did I get for my in depth yog knowledge? A mars bar..... *shakes head*. No wonder the British yogurt industry is in trouble...