Wednesday, February 2

Why Birmingham is great!
Here's a new feature on Danger! High Postage (idea shamelessly stolen from Mike at Troubled Diva and Ben SWSL's Reasons To Be Cheerful.

Mr Egg
If you were to have an idea to base a cafe around one particular foodstuff, then eggs probably wouldn't be the first thing in the fridge that springs to mind. But that hasn't stopped Mr Egg from becoming a Birmingham institution.

Mr Egg is a classic greasy spoon and used to boast 'Eat like a king for a pound' until inflation and the economic pinch forced a change to the slightly less catchy 'Eat like a queen for £1.50' - It is on Hurst Street on the edge of the Gay Quarter after all.

Why go and eat in an identikit chain bar or at one of those pricey yet average restaurants that have sprung up in Birmingham like a bout of Salmonella in the past few years, when you can sit under a giant egg and tuck into a hearty meal for just a few quid.

Mr Egg used to be open 24 hours a day. These days its opening hours are slightly more limited, but you are still likely to encounter all manner of strange characters when you go there. A couple of years ago it was ranked as one of the best greasy spoons in Britain in one of those mysterious polls that are conducted to keep Market Researchers in a job.

Fellow Birmingham blogger Pete Ashton is a fan and gives his thoughts in this post from last year entitled Why Mr Egg is more important than Selfridges.

In short, the place is legendary and unique - Go there now!