Friday, February 11

Watso - The Britpop years
Well it seems my MP Tom 'Watso' Watson is more rock and roll than he appears. Whilst reading Love And Poisonthe biography of Suede I got to a passage discussing keyboard player Neil 'Codlo' Codling's time at Hull University where he was a housemate with none other than Tom Watson, MP for East Bromwich!

If we ignore the slight geographical error, the book goes on to say that 'Watso' used to take 'Codlo' out drinking in Hull, presumably trying to get him to lose his slightly sickly and pale palor by getting a few pints of bitter down his neck. Perhaps they discussed politics or perhaps Watso was even an influence on the music that Codlo was later to record for Suede. Like the classic 'Elephant Man' from the album 'Head Music', lyrical genius if I ever heard it...

"I am, I am the elephant man,
It is incredible how I can
look just like just like an elephant man
Just like, just like my elephant fans
We are, we are the elephant men,
Take heed, we'll be stampeding again
Look out all of you fairweather friends
Because elephants never forget"