Sunday, February 27

Tour de Hamburg
FC St Pauli kept up their promotion campaign this weekend with a 2-2 away draw against third placed Osnabruck, so that means the boys in brown are still unbeaten this year and have an outside chance of climbing into the top three...

Here's the match report in German!

And for all you non-German speakers, the quite marvelousBabel Fish translation is below:

"Already after 120 seconds brown white lay in guidance: Morad Bounoua was put in of 16 by Dave de Jong - clear thing: Eleven-meter. The Gefoulte began even and transformed the strafstoss to the 0:1-Gaestefuehrung. Beautifully like Morad VfL Keeper Tino Berbig shipped and medium-high on the right of in-wetted.

Andreas's miner let play again with "the double Sechser", i.e. with two vacuum cleaners before the four-he defense chain. And this let through-march after thirty minutes Bjoern Joppe, which then in the short hit a corner to reconciliation met. There Achim Hollerieth did not look particularly well, - which it must. After the break suddenly the total confusion in the pc. Pauli Hintermannschaft, but Fabian Ewertz met fortunately only the slat cross.

On it VfL captain Markus briefly obtained field-hopes the guidance hit for the hosts. But only one minute later marked jeton Arifi in its first play for the regional league crew its first hit to reconciliation and 2:2-Endstand. In the last ten play minutes the hosts acted only with ten men, after VfL goal scorer Joppe saw the yellow-red cardboard.

Altogether the Remis goes into order, even if Andreas Mayer had the victory on the foot in the conclusion minute, - however only the external net met. The FC occupied thus with 34 points further the 7.Tabellenplatz, the VfL remains third."

So that's clear then! Love the reference to two vacuum cleaners or 'the double seshser' sitting in front of the opposition defence and when a player got sent of he 'saw the yellow-red cardboard'...

I also learnt from the St Pauli messageboard that the club have formed their own cycling team using a crack squad of international cycle couriers, with the aim of competing in the Tour De France in 2010, their Centenary year. The team will succeed not through drugs but through the mental strength of martial arts! All team members will be trained to black belt levels in martial arts.....

It's true! It's true! St Pauli already has baseball, softball, rugby, handball, american football and chess teams...

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