Thursday, February 3

Swimming Anthems
I went swimming again tonight to our newly refurbished pool...well it's got new windows anyway. This time I saw something that I'd never spotted there before - a giant framed picture of Kris Akabusi on the wall, which I will of course pay homage to every time I go from now on.

One thing I don't understand is the choice of music that they play in the pool, as it seems almost entirely composed of 70s and 80s rock anthems. Last time we were there they placed 'More Than A Feeling' by Boston, 'Down Under' by Men At Work and even some Def Leppard. I can only presume the CD they are playing is that legendary compilation album Swimming Anthems (available from all good service stations). Maybe the pounding drums, copious guitar solos and thoughts of mulleted men wearing spandex are designed to make you swim faster, I'm not really sure....

Also included on the album would be any track by The Strokes, though of course nothing by Drowning Pool.