Wednesday, February 23

Roadie Rage
Anoyone who has ever witnessed a bloke tune up a mandolin for five minutes whilst standing on stage in front of a thousand people who have been waiting for hours and hours will understand when I say that last night before seeing Bright Eyes, I got Roadie Rage. Now i'm sure that most roadies do a top job and are experts at sorting M&Ms into different coloured piles, but most of them need to realise that they are NOT IN THE BAND!

Like the guy who rather than just saying the simple "One, two" to test the mic, insists on reciting a list of Welsh tourist destinations. I think he works for Doves. If you see him, throw things at him.

Or how about when they tune up all the guitars and go off. Then twenty minutes later they come back on and do exactly the same thing all over again! Does this mean that they didn't do it properly the first time?

But the worst is show off roadies who play huge guitar solos or drum solos whilst tuning up to try and get applause from the crowd. No, no no, NO!

Is anyone else afflicted by Roadie Rage? Or is it just me?