Wednesday, February 2

Goth, Goth, Goth, Goth, Goth, Goth, Industrialist
I almost forgot to mention that myself and the Finch went to a new Goth night in Birmingham called Darklight at the weekend, where we also met Dead Kenny. The venue was B3 Bar in the city centre next to Argos and it was rather nicely refurbished, but unfortunately had some bouncers who were more than a little psychopathic.

One big haired Goth stormed away from the venue in a furious rage and virtually in tears after the bouncers refused to let him downstairs wearing a big coat. It seems the rules for the night were that short coats and jackets were allowed, whereas big coats were a big no no. Presumably in the past the bouncers had been faced with some angry men in big coats - a truly terrifying prospect. To me though, this rule seems ill-thought. Where for instance does this leave the fashionable 3/4 jacket?

Clearly the bouncers were used to 'trouble' as the strutted around the bar staring at one Goth after another ready for any winklepicker violence that might occur. Of course what they failed to realise is that a Goth Club is the least likely place for a fight in the world - wouldn't want to break a nail or tear your new pvc outfit would you?

The music? You want to know about the music? Well it was Goth.....there was a Goth version of Do You Think I'm Sexy and the smoke machine was extensively used.

Loads of young (and old) Goths were there though - where do they all come from? And thanks to the late night car park across the road and reasonable bar prices, it was a good and surprisingly cheap night.

See you there next month.