Thursday, February 24

The Dream Team
Watching Middlesbrough v GAK on Channel Five and they've pulled all the big guns out. John Barnes is in the studio with 'Mr Charisma' Gary Pallister. And it looks like Five have bought Andy Townsend's tactics truck second hand for a bargain price and have installed dour, Scot Pat Nevin (officially the ugliest pundit in the world) in it. He reminds me a bit of Colonel Kurtz from Apocalypse Now holed up in his bunker, slowly losing his mind as he asseses Boro's defensive frailties.

Celtic website Keep The Faith has a few harsh words for Nevin. "The 'intellectual rebel footballer'...appears to have become an establishment sympathising pundit. How times change - and not for the better, Pat. It's like Karl Marx being on 'Location, Location, Location'"

Football punditry surely doesn't get much better than this.....