Thursday, January 27

The Scene With No Name RIP
In the aftermath of the splits by McLusky and Ikara Colt, Drowned In Sound laments the demise of The Scene With No Name, but did it actually exist in the first place?

Guy McKnight from 80's Matchbox thinks not:
"The Scene With No Name is just lazy journalism. I think it makes it easier to identify with or perhaps get what journalists are talking about - I'd just like to make it crystal clear that it doesn't exist."

TSWNN came to prominence around the time of the 'We Love This Fucking Tour' tour featuring 80's Matchbox, The Colt and deranged Portuguese punks The Parkinsons. Also lumped in were the Cooper Temple Clause, Miss Black America and a motley crew of others.

"It's not exactly a great start for a scene if it hasn't got a name" commented Nick from The Beat Up in this amusing Lamacq Live documentary.

"We used to invent a new genre at the NME every fortnight." says Steve Lamacq . Like the Camden Lurch. "If you can persuade somebody that there is a scene based in two Camden pubs based on a lurching dance favoured by three people, then you can do anything right?"

Simon Williams claims The Scene With No Name was made up by him and some mates in a pub and had three rules:

1) swear frequently, often for no apparent reason.
2) wear dark clothes (they don't look so dirty after you've rolled around onstage for 25 minutes)
3) play at least one song which sounds like 'New Rose' by The Damned

And now it's over (if it ever existed).

What scene will be next? (personally i'm plumping for the West Bromwich based Yam-Metal scene) What do you think of music scenes in general? Are they just a load of bollocks?