Friday, January 7

The return of The Bergeroo

He's back and this time he's wearing a cravat.

A Different Kettle Of Fish
Wednesday January 19th
Upstairs @ The Bristol Pear, Bristol Road, Selly Oak, Birmingham
£1 entry
Half price admission if you are wearing a cravat*

Featuring the return of the Eric Cantona of the West Midlands indie scene, DJ Phillipe Bergeroo. Playing indie, electro, post-punk, art-punk, punk-funk and maybe a bit of your regular punk too if you're lucky.

Also DJ Erised playing a cornucopia of indie pop classics.

And the genius that is Ideosphere.

*Cravat Definition from Hyperdictionary.com

\Cra*vat"\ (kr?-v?t"), n. [F. cravate, fr. Cravate a Croat, an inhabitant of Croatia, one of a body of Austrian troops, from whom, in 1636, this article of dress was adopted in France.]
A neckcloth; a piece of silk, fine muslin, or other cloth,
worn by men about the neck.