Monday, January 3

No really.....you don't have to....
Boy George and Cliff Richard are teaming up to record a song to raise money for the Tsunami victims.

According to this article "Ronan Keating may take part if he makes it to a studio near where he is staying in Switzerland." Don't push the boat out Ronan, if you're skiing or having a fondue or something, then don't cancel in on our behalf.

"Robin and Barry Gibb, Chris Rea, Olivia Newton-John and Jamie Cullum are also being approached." WHAT!!!! PLEASE NO!

The song is a cheery little number called 'Grief Never Grows Old' written by ambulance chaser DJ Mike Read (Update: Oh No! It's THAT Mike Read!) Apparently "Read wrote the song before the events of Boxing Day but thought it too depressing to release." So now he thinks he'll release it to get five minutes of fame raise some money for charity.

Here's an idea. Ronan Keating, the Gibb Brothers, Chris Rea, Cliff, Boy George - they all must be loaded. Why don't they give a little bit of their own extensive wealth to charity, then they don't have to make the record at all......