Friday, January 7

Le Parkour
Just watched a brilliant documentary on Channel 4 called Jump Britain. It's a sequel to a doc called Jump London which sadly I didn't see, about the sport of Le Parkour, also known in the UK as Free Running. Invented in the suburbs of France, the sport is about movement around different urban structures and obstacles.

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In this article on the BBC Birmingham Website, Andy Day describes the urban extreme sport as:

"Moving from A to B with style and fluidity using everything around you probably describes it best, drawing on martial arts, gymnastics, skate boarding, inline skating and break dancing."

After starting off in France the sport is now growing in the UK and even in Birmingham.

Needless to say, Jump Britain was brilliant. The 'traceurs' were in action on the Forth Bridge, The Angel Of The North, The ICC in Birmingham, Giants Causeway in Ireland, The Baltic Art Gallery in Gateshead, The South Bank in London and most spectacular of all, Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, where one of the traceurs jumped over the retractable roof as it opened!

If you missed it, there is a making of documentary on next week on E4, or check out the Urban Freeflow website.

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