Saturday, January 15

Catching up
Just trying to find out what I've missed whilst I've been away. I guess you've all seen this:

Waterstones blogger sacked for writing the Woolamaloo Gazette.

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I enjoyed my week in France, but I still don't understand the country. One thing they have got right though is putting Columbo back where he belongs, prime time on a Wednesday night.

The guy who does the voice of the French Colombo is a legend in his own right, taking what Peter Falk says and adding his own mannerisms and characteristics. If there's one thing that France seems to love, it's detectives.

Another prime time programme is Commissaire Moulin, translated as Inspector Mill (At first I though it was Inspector Windmill, but sadly this isn't the case).

And if course there is always Bergerac, he's almost French......

Who is your favourite TV detective?

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