Tuesday, December 28

Singles Of The Year - 40-31

40. Agent Blue – Sex, Drugs and Rocks Through Your Window

Young whippersnappers from Stoke produce the best named single of the year...destined for greatness.

39. Graham Coxon – Freakin’ Out
Geeky man in glasses gets a bit over-excited.

38. The Stills – Lola Stars And Stripes
Epic rock from Montreal.

37. The Futureheads – Decent Days And Nights
The post punk Proclaimers.

36. Hot Chip – Playboy
Minimalist electro that you can dance to.

35. Lostprophets – Last Summer
We all hate the Lostprophets don't we because they are like a nu-metal boyband, but tell me you can't resist that guitar solo near the end.

34. PJ Harvey – The Letter
Great first single off an album that I still haven't really taken to.

33. Peaches Ft. Iggy Pop – Kick It
Two of the foulest mouths in the business team up for a very rude duet.

32. Art Brut – Modern Art
Dancing in Art Galleries has never seemed so appealing.
'Modern art makes me want to rock out, woooooooooooooooo'.
Listen to the track

31. Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds – Nature Boy
It was a toss up between this and 'There She Goes...' Cave delivers his best album for years.