Friday, December 17

The Metro rip me off
That rag of a newspaper The Metro has plagiarised my article on the Electric Cinema for a story in today's issue. You know the Metro - when you are on a bus, you have the choice of reading it or staring at the back of the person's head in front of you for 30 minutes - I must admit that often I choose the second option.

In the very first paragraph of their short piece on the Electric it says:

"When the Electric Cinema closed down at the end of 2003, its then-owner described the oldest working cinema in the country as "no longer economically viable"

Let us take a look at paragraph three of my article, published earlier this week:

"The cinema, which dates back to 1909, is the oldest working cinema in the country. It closed in December 2003, with former owner Steven Metcalf describing it as "no longer economically viable."

Any similarities there?

The quote is from an interview I did with Steven Metcalf, former owner of the Electric, in March earlier this year. He now runs the Screen Room in Nottingham and hardly ever gives interviews or press regarding the Electric. It took me many phone calls and lots of negotiation to get that interview, so to have some of it lifted and printed somewhere else uncredited, is more than a little annoying.

I shall be consulting my lawyers.