Tuesday, December 21

Interpol and Smiling Steve
Last week I accompanied Fincho, Big Dave, My sister and fellow bloggers Kenny and Ben along to see Interpol at the Academy. It was an excellent gig made all the better by meeting two of the best bloggers in the business.

In his recollection of the events of the evening, Kenny describes Fincho as 'Natalie Portman from Leon all grown up' and as for myself 'tall, with the amiable faze-free air of Dylan from The Magic Roundabout' - an excellent compliment, although the first time I scanned through his post I thought it said 'amiable fuzz free hair', which would also be a compliment...

I'm not going to review the gig, but you can read reviews here, hereand here.

In other news, I saw Smiling Steve, the winner of X Factor. 'He smiled at me' I excitedly said to a friend. 'Yeah he smiled at me too' she said. Then someone else chirps up from across the room 'me too'.

So this is how he managed to win, his face is like one of those paintings with the eyes that seem to follow you round the room, only it's his smile instead. Very sinister indeed.

I should have voted for G4......