Saturday, December 11

Guest blogger: La Fincherina
Hello, Phill has given me permission to take over his blog for a week to celebrate the first birthday of Danger High Postage. I'm going to start by talking about my disaster with Halfords this week. I decided that I was going to have a car radio for Christmas, and I'm beginning to wish that I had never started to investigate how much they cost, or how I was going to get it installed in the first place.

To start with the guy in the shop tried to persuade me to have a cd player in my car instead of a bog standard tape deck with a radio with Long Wave on it. I'm sure the sales guy thought I was some kind of luddite because I wanted a tape deck ("What are they?" "God, they're so passe, horrible things from the eighties"), and Long Wave ("What could you possibly need Long Wave for?"). Well to listen to French radio actually. Anyway, I was informed that I would have to wait for a special cable to come in before the radio could be installed, so I went home with a radio that couldn't actually be installed for the time being.

On the cable's arrival I went back to the shop and they arranged to install the radio later on in the day. So I went back after work and a boy (and yes he was a boy) who didn't seem to have clue told me that he was going to be installing my radio. Great. He eyed the box like he'd never seen a radio before. Anyway, I stood by my car in the freezing cold carefully examening whether the guy was making a mess of my car. "Can you put the ignition on love?" he said after a while, and so I obliged. No lights, no sound. "Did your other radio work love, the one that was in before?" "Yes, it bloody well did thanks". "Well, I think I'm going to have to cut some wires. Can you turn the ignition off because I don't want to blow any fuses". What!!?!? By this time I decided that this comedian hadn't got a clue what he was doing. "I'll just go and talk to my supervisor" he said, and shuffled off.

He reappeared after what seemed like hours and informed me that I would have to come back again because he couldn't cut any wires while it was dark. More likely, you don't know which wires to actually cut I thought. I enquired to whether I could come in at the weekend and I was told that he had a lot of customers to see to at the weekend. Well, am I not a customer I thought?!? What am I, an alien or something? So there you have it. At the moment I still haven't had the damn thing installed, and they just seemed to have pulled out a load of wires and just left them there. If they can't do it next week, I'll have revenge!