Tuesday, December 14

The auspicious fish
Last night's A Different Kettle of Fish was a sterling success. Enigmatic Frenchman Phillip Bergeroo thrilled the crowd with perhaps his last ever British show. Will the Eric Cantona of the West Midlands indie DJ scene ever play in Birmingham again?

Included in Mr Bergeroo's set were track by Bloc Party, The Others, The Departure, The Faint, Elastica, Martini Henry Rifles, The Rapture, Sunshine, The Barcelona Pavilion, Mylo, McLusky and more...

A mixed crowd included plenty of students and some disgruntled Man Utd supporters who came upstairs following their disappointing result. My favourite punter of the night was a bald middle aged man in an anorak who entered the room to the sound of the Buzzcocks and proceeded to perch himself at the bar and sup his beer seemingly oblivious to what was going on in the rest of the room.

Big respect in the Selly Oak area to Claire for her organisational and promotion work and Rich for his splendid equipment and for playing Babylon Zoo.

The next one will probably be late Jan or early Feb - but will DJ Bergeroo be tempted out of retirement?