Tuesday, November 23

The Viking gets very sweaty
Darts legend Andy 'The Viking' Fordham has followed in the footsteps of Paula Radcliffe. He was forced to quit his World Title Unification match against Phil 'The Power' Taylor, because of breathing difficulties and heat exhaustion. The Viking sweated profusely throughout the match and it was not a pretty sight. Spare a thought for his wife too, who probably has to wash all his darts shirts....

Darts hero Fordham was doing well initially, but soon the man mountain (who has been on an extensive lager drinking regime to exercise his injured arm), began to suffer under the TV lights and the sauna like atmosphere of darts Mecca, The Circus Tavern, Purfleet, Essex. He reported breathing difficulties and had a 15 minute break to use an asthma inhaler, take a walk around the car park and have a pint, but doctors advised him not to continue.

Darts is of course a high pressure game and 'The Power' was concerned about his opponent: "He's a big lad and it's very, very hot down there. I was thinking. Oh, crikey, I'm going to kill him here." he said in a Stoke accent. Fordham will defend his title in January at a venue with better air conditioning.

'The Viking' will also soon be entering ITV's Celebrity Fit Club in an effort to shift some excess poundage...no really it's true!