Wednesday, November 10

A new addiction
Since getting broadband I can't get enough of Internet chess. A slightly geeky addiction and not quite as cool as drugs but certainly healthier.

Whilst were on the subject of addiction. I was in Tesco today browsing, when a man burst into my aisle. He was unshaven, perspiring, twitching and generally looking uncomftable. 'Ah, he'll be heading for the special brew' I thought - but something didn't quite fit as he was in the wrong aisle. He grew more frantic as he scanned the shelves of instant noodles and pasta sauces 'no, no, no, no, NO' he muttered to himself, and then 'AHA' as he reached for the Soy Sauce, picking up two bottles. Just about to head towards the counter he paused for a moment and looked at me 'Better take three, just in case' he said with the smile of a madman, before picking up another bottle and scuttling towards the check out. Morale of the story: Soy Sauce - Don't do it kids.