Sunday, November 28

The legend returns
You know what we haven't had enough of lately on this blog? ......Bergerac! Well fear not, as it's time to remedy that situation.

May I direct you to this rather excellentGerman Bergerac Fan Site. The host of the site explains:

"Hello - this is a german fanpage about the TV-Series "Bergerac". (in germany called: "Jim Bergerac ermittelt") It was very famous - especially in the former GDR. I would like to get in contact with any fan of "Bergerac" and John Nettles. If you have any material (photos, adresses, URL's, screen- shots, curriculum vitae, texts and so on) please mail me to keep this webpage alive. I also know that "Bergerac" is very famous in Norway, Netherlands, France and Finland."

On the site you can download most excellent Bergerac wallpaper (which I left on my computer at my old job as a leaving present). It's full of facts and information about the Jersey crime fighting legend, but sadly it's almost all in German.

Don't despair though, have a listen to the Bergerac Theme Tune

I love the way the site features the weather on Jersey. So you can think, it's raining, I hope Jim has taken his umbrella when he's out looking for criminals, and he better put the top up on his sportscar, he'll get the leather interior wet...it will get ruined....