Monday, November 15

'I got a letter from the Government the other day'
I received a letter from my MP Tom 'Watso' Watson earlier this week, asking me for my opinion on the proposed closure of a branch of the Post Office that is near to my house. Nice of him to note the name of this blog and my expertise in postal matters - I thought - until I realised that I wasn't the only person he had written to.

Whilst it is good of him to consult his constituents on a local, though largely inconsequential issue in an attempt to drum up a few cheap political points, I'd prefer to have been asked my opinion on something more important. Like perhaps for example, the British assistance in the American invasion of Iraq, leading the the deaths of many thousands of innocent people - authorised by his party. But hey we can't have everything...

By the looks of it, Watso's blog appears to be down at the moment and has been for a few days. Surely not just a coincidence that this has happened shortly after he became a Junior Whip. Has his blog been attacked by anti-war protesters, Iraqi insurgents or disgruntled Hamstead pensioners? I'll leave that to you to decide.

Let us have a look at what Watso has been doing whilst people are killed in Iraq. Nice intervention in the hotly debated flora and fauna issue I thought. He also bagged free tickets to the Mercury Music Prize I note and gets free RAC membership - nice!

Other fascinating MP facts I learnt from the rather excellent theyworkforyou.com:
Tim Yeo (Con South Suffolk) has a column in Golf Weekly Magazine and also a very funny blog dedicated to him.
Alan Duncan (Con Rutland & Melton) has received a gift of a traditional Omani coffee pot and incense burner from the Government of Oman.
Tony Blair (Lab Sedgefield) has two flats in Bristol.
Michael Meacher (Lab Oldham West & Royton) has FOUR flats in London! He used to have even more.

And whilst we're talking about the Post Office - What's going on with this Napster voucher business?

Multiple Choice quiz

If I want to download a song, am I:
A. Going to walk 15 minutes up the road to the Post Office (if it hasn't closed down), pay for a voucher and then walk 15 minutes back to my house - then download it.
B. Download it using one of the many free sites around - at no cost - without leaving my house and with Broadband taking about 15 seconds.