Sunday, November 7

Broadband ahoy
Well i've been away for a bit but now i'm back with my brand spanking new 1gig Broadband connection. It only took BT 6 days to get it working but bless their cotton socks they got there in the end. So you can expect more posts more often on Danger! High Postage or your money back.

So what have I been doing - taking 360 degree photographs on the Birmingham Big Wheel for a start.

Also check out my feature about the forthcoming FC St Pauli fundraising might in Birmingham:
Punk rock football

I met Girls Aloud last week too - they were all five foot tall and wore tracksuits, chav chic if you will. A couple of them I must say were quite good looking, but one of them was decidedly rough I have to say (presumably she's the one that can sing).

I've been to two fireworks parties in the space of two nights, both in the Black Country. The first featured a consignment of stolen fireworks (not by me) from a well known supermarket (taps back pocket), whilst I of course don't condone stealing fireworks I must say there were some impressive rockets on show. Also while we're on the subject - don't bother with buying Asda no frills sparklers - they just don't cut the mustard in the sparkley stakes i'm afraid.

I'm sure i'll get the hang of this blogging thing again soon....

Also i've made a revolutionary advance in the world of dating. Frisbee dating. The details are sketchy at the moment but i'm certain there is money to be made...