Thursday, October 21

So don't fret, get set, are you ready? You Bet!
Our Hamburg correspondent Dean 'Iron Wrists' Ellison is embarking on another World Record attempt. Undetterred by his email of rejection from Guinness after sending them his proposal to sit in a bath of cous cous, he has a new challenge - Drink a pint in each German State in 24 hours, using only local trains.

Ok, so it's not very catchy and they aren't called pints in Germany, but we can work on that when the media come calling! So can it be done? Can Dean last the pace - he's certainly got the pedigree after traveling over 100 miles on public transport with a rake, to win a bet.

Does anyone remember the gameshow You Bet? You have to say whether Dean will complete the challenge and the loser does a forfeit.

You Bet! was a classic piece of television. Originally hosted by Bruce Forsyth and then Matthew Kelly, it finally died on it's arse when Darren Day too over as host. Interestingly Jet from Gladiators was a co host for a while (Personally I preferred Vogue).

In addition to extending the TV career of an ex-gladiator, another of You Bet!'s gifts to the nation was the You Bet! rap.

Brucie: You wanna bet on it?
Audience: You Bet!
Brucie: So you wanna get on it?
Audience: You Bet!
Brucie: So don't fret, get set, are you ready?
Audience: You Bet!


Also bet you didn't know that British double gold medal winner Kelly Holmes was a Gladiators contestant - she got knocked out in the semis.